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Nomad Sleep Kit

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Nomad Sleep Kit

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Storage bag25" H x 15" W

Sleep surface76" L x 28" W

Quilted blanket83" L x 53" W

About this piece

The Nomad Sleep Kit is everything you need to sleep comfortably on the sofa, stuffed in a convenient storage bag. There's a memory foam topper, a custom sheet set, a quilted blanket, a pillow and pillow case, and even an eye mask. The Nomad Sleep Kit is compatible with all of the Sofas, King Sofas, and Corner Sectionals in our Nomad Seating Collection.


No one actually enjoys sleeping on an air mattress that deflates or a pull-out bed with metal rods that poke and prod through the thin mattress. Our Nomad Sleep Kit is the softest, most comfortable sleep possible outside of the bedroom.


The Nomad Sleep Kit is unbreakable. There’s no pump that runs out of batteries. There’s no broken hinge buried deep inside the sofa. There’s no leak to worry about. Nothing but soft, luxurious bedding.


The blankets, sheets, and pillow case are all machine-washable, and everything fits neatly in the storage bag until the next time you need it. Plus, it doesn’t take up extra space so there’s no need to rearrange the furniture to fit an overnight guest.

Key features

Memory foam topper

Laid atop the cushions, this soft and supportive layer creates a more uniform sleeping surface, and helps regulate temperature as a bonus.

Custom sheet set

The fitted sheet is made to the exact specifications of our Nomad Sofa, wrapping the topper and the cushions together in a crisp, cool cotton bundle.

Quilted blanket

The Nomad Sleep Kit includes a medium-weight cotton blanket that’s the right size for sleeping on the sofa — instead of half the blanket lying on the floor.


Slightly smaller than your standard pillow, and included to save valuable space in your linen closet.

Eye mask

The living room isn’t usually optimized for sleeping. The eye mask allows guests to sleep soundly, even if there are no curtains to keep the morning sun from streaming in.