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Chorus Bed (2022), King


Frame Wood FinishWalnut
Headboard Fabric Finish
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Details & Dimensions

General Dimensions85" D x 79" W x 14.5" H

Height with Headboard40.5"

Under Bed Clearance7.5"

Frame + Mattress Height23"

Capacity800 lbs

About this piece

Our Chorus Bed does the one thing every single bed should do well: provide a quiet, stable platform for sleep, because a creaky, wobbly, or otherwise distracting bed should be the last thing keeping you up at night. The clean lines, color-matched finishes, and essentially unfussy aesthetic fit with almost any design scheme, and live beautifully alongside the rest of our bedroom collection. We created Chrous to change the way you look at the bedroom, from the very first night. Keep scrolling to discover how.

Key features


The sturdy rails of the bed are made of solid hardwood for strength and durability.


The sturdy headboard is actually secured to the bed frame, not just wedged against the wall.


From ergonomic hand screws to legs that serve as anchors for the slats, we take a minimalist approach to hardware.


We use thick, heavy duty slats, and each ladder is anchored at the corner so nothing shifts or shakes.

Whatever you do in bed, Chorus will support you

The design process, as always, started with research. People wanted simple assembly, but we found too many flat-pack frames held together by straps or loose-fitting joints that wobbled, creaked, and rocked. No thanks. Chorus is built to last, with secure, heavy duty components; Japanese-inspired joinery; and minimalist hardware to achieve a rock-solid, easily-assembled bed. We even did the unimaginable: made a headboard that actually attaches to the frame.

Linchpin legs

The legs elegantly lock the rails together while also anchoring the slats in place.

Ergonomic hand screws

No more finger-pinching metal claws or headache-inducing hex screws.

Rest easy on reliable, durable materials

Chorus has a solid hardwood frame, heavy duty slats, secure hardware, and non-toxic finishes to make sure it lasts for the long run, and help you sleep with confidence. The headboard, too, is available in matching hardwood or scratch- and stain-resistant fabric, and both are attached to the frame with four hand screws.

So easy to put together, it might put you to sleep

More bed, less time. So many “easy to assemble” frames out there are more like a cot than a real piece of furniture. And if you go for something more serious, it has dozens of small parts and those dangerous metal claws that pinch fingers. Chorus is different. All you do is attach the rails to the legs, slip the slats over the posts, screw on the headboard, and voilà: you just made the bed.

Sleeps better together

Our Lyric Mattresses are the perfect complement to the Chorus Bed. Available in cushioning triple-layer foam or weightless hybrid varieties, the Lyric pairs with Chorus to create the perfect platform for sound sleep.

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Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).

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