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Lyric Hybrid Mattress


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Details & Dimensions

General Dimensions (Full)75" D x 54" W x 11.5" H​

General Dimensions (Queen)80" D x 60" W x 11.5" H​

General Dimensions (King)80" D x 76" W x 11.5" H​

Comfort Layer2.5" LURAcor Polyurethane Foam

Transition Layer 11.5" Aerus+ Polyurethane Foam

Transition Layer 26.0" Foam-encased Coil​

Base Layer1.0" Conventional Polyurethane Foam

Fabric Cover Top90% polyester, 10% cooling nylon

Fabric Cover Sides100% polyester

Fabric Cover Bottom70% rayon, 30% polyester

About this piece

When we decided to create our own mattresses, we talked to everyone we could find about what they liked in bed, and engineered a pair of mattresses to that standard. This hybrid foam & coil construction lets you float off to sleep on top of a cooling foam layer and a core of breathable, pocketed coils. Scroll on to see the rest of the science that went into creating our Lyric Hybrid Mattress.

Key features


It's not just easy to unpack, it's easy to move again and again with built-in handles on each side.


The breathable, perforated nylon cover & cooling foam maintain a temperature-neutral sleep surface.


Three unique gel-infused foam layers cradle your body all night long.


Sleep on it for 100 nights, and if it's not Goldilocks, get a full refund so we can donate it to someone else.

Sleeps well, no matter how you sleep

We can’t speak for whoever you’re sleeping with, but as far as we’re concerned, permission granted to toss and turn. Or lie flat like a mummy. We developed the Lyric Hybrid Mattress with pocketed coils, multiple foam layers, and dual support zones that cradle your body no matter what. Then we tested it with dozens of different sleepers, including our own staff (yep, even the CEO), to make sure it slept soundly in any position. You can’t leave sweet dreams to chance, after all.

Pocketed coils

Individually-encapsulated coils offer a more supportive, ‘weightless’ feeling, and increase airflow within the mattress.

Zero-gravity surface

Traditional memory foam makes it feel like you’re sinking. Our top layer has a uniquely buoyant cell structure, so you feel like you’re floating off to sleep.

Lyric Hybrid: Weightless support with a plush surface

Breathable cover

A perforated, cool-to-the-touch nylon cover draws moisture away from the body.

Gel-infused comfort layer

Buoyant, breathable foam with gel pockets that regulate temperature.

Memory foam support

Therapeutic memory foam relieves pressure points and contours to the body.

Pocketed coils

Individually-encapsulated coils offer a more supportive, ‘weightless’ feeling, and increase airflow within the mattress.

Premium base foam

A layer of protective base foam supports the coils.

Easy to move, even out of the box

It’s not 2010 anymore. Which is to say, rolling up a mattress and shoving it in a box isn’t impressive, it’s just table stakes. We designed our cover with built-in handles on each side, to make lifting and positioning the mattress easier (not to mention moving, if that happens down the road). It’s just part of our commitment to making everything easier, for the entire lifetime of the product.

100-night trial

We tested the mattress. Now it’s your turn. Sleep on it for 100 nights, and if it’s not the mattress of your dreams, we’ll take it back.

Fast & Affordable Shipping

We’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster.

Sleep better together

We developed our Chorus Bed in tandem with our innovative mattresses, to make the ideal platform for a good night’s sleep.