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Heist Nightstand


Wood FinishOak
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Details & Dimensions

Overall Width20“

Overall Depth17.5“

Overall Height26“

Interior Drawer Width17“

Interior Drawer Depth13.5“

Interior Drawer Height7“

About this piece

The Heist Nightstand shares the same elegant design language as the larger Heist 6-Drawer Dresser, but of course, this one is sized to fit perfectly beside the bed. In fact, the top of the nightstand is perfectly lined up with the top of a standard height mattress when you pair it with our Chorus Bed. We also designed it with the same premium drawer glides as the dresser, which won’t pinch fingers or slam shut when you need to grab something in the middle of the night.

Key Features

Quiet drawers

Premium soft-close glides prevent loud slams and pinched fingers.

Simple assembly

Just screw in the legs, and you’re good to go.

Timeless design

Created to fit seamlessly with any interior style.

Fast & Affordable Shipping

We’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster.

More than a side piece

Finding a piece of furniture you’ll want to sleep next to every single night is not easy, so we designed one that you wouldn’t want to be without. The Heist Nightstand brings function and visual appeal together in equal measure, with its mid-century modern aesthetic, curved hardwood handles, and dual drawers. The generous drawer capacity allows volumes of bedside clutter to be neatly hidden away, while its subtle design details open the possibilities for just about any interior style.

The ideal bedmate, always in reach

No more fumbling around the dark to find what you’re looking for: the Heist Nightstand is designed to proportionally align next to the bed so the surface is always within reach. And just like the Heist 6-Drawer Dresser, the nightstand drawers are whisper quiet, thanks to the soft-close glides that prevent loud slams and pinched fingers. A little clumsy in the dark? Accidental spills can be easily wiped away with warm water and a soft cloth.

Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).