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A dreamy new innovation in seating arrives soon

Shift launches on June 13th. Learn more about our new take on the sleeper sofa here.

Set an alarm to find out when Shift launches

Set an alarm to find out when Shift launches

Genuine queen-size sleep surface

We didn’t try to figure out how to turn a sofa into a bed; we figured out how to turn a mattress into a sofa. Unfold the seat into a true queen-sized sleep surface. No new linens needed.

Space-saving pillows included

The arm cushions double as standard pillow inserts. Just remove the durable fabric cover and slip them into your own pillowcases.

Fits anywhere you need it

Thanks to our signature modular design, it’s easy to carry the boxes Shift ships in up steep stairs or through narrow doors, and you can set it up in minutes, no additional tools needed.