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Alto Dining Chairs (Set of 2)


ColorBlack Metal/Stone Gray
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Details & Dimensions

General Dimensions23.5” D x 18.75” W x 32” H

QuantitySet of 2

MaterialsSolid rubberwood or powder-coated steel, performance fabric or Italian leather

About this piece

Here’s a new way to sing for your supper: grab your plate and settle in to the Alto Dining Chair, a demure yet durable seat that’s designed for lasting comfort. Featuring foam cushioning in mess-friendly upholstery, and finished in a choice of steel or wood legs, Alto makes it a pleasure to enjoy breakfast, dinner, and everything in between. But what makes this chair a real VIP is its ability to work in just about every setting and design scheme. Versatile, sturdy, and comfortable, you’ll be singing its praises in no time at all.

Key features

Versatile design

Suits multiple purposes and fits any interior style.


The sturdy frame and upholstery maintains strength and comfort.

Easy assembly

Set up your chair in minutes without any additional tools.

Fast & Affordable Shipping

We’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster.

Not just for under the table

Like all things at Burrow, the Alto Dining Chair is designed for more than just one purpose. Of course, its modern design and subtle curvature allows it to take pride of place at any dining table. But its easy elegance ensures this chair is just as pleasing in any setting — from bare corners to desks and entryways. And with four color ways to choose from, there’s no shortage of possibilities for styling your space. Pair them with alternating shades, or even mix them with the Haiku Dining Chairs for a look that says, “yes, I do deserve my own HGTV show.”

A comfortable chair you don’t need to be delicate with

Let’s be real: dining chairs are used for more than just dining. So we made a chair that can really stand up to it all. Foam cushioning maintains the high standards of comfort we’re known for, while the easy-to-clean leather and fabric upholstery makes dinnertime disasters, well, less disasterly. And the authentic wood or powder-coated steel legs don’t just add a nice touch, they make the chair incredibly sturdy, too, perfect for when you need to reach something up high. Just don’t ask how many Burrow employees it takes to change a lightbulb.

Let us show you to your seats

Or better yet, don’t move a muscle and we’ll send the seats directly to you. Alto is designed to ship in an easy-to-handle box that includes everything you need to get set up right away — no extra tools needed. Just open the box, grab the seat, and attach the legs. Yes, it really is that simple. All that’s left to do after that is place your chairs at the table (we may be a little biased, but we think the Serif Dining Table makes an excellent accompaniment).

Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).