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Introducing our collaboration with Johanna Howard Home

Johanna Howard is the creative force behind her eponymous home textiles company. She’s a Swedish-born designer who, after years of experience in the fashion industry, decided to strike out on her own with a philosophy based on a close relationship to materiality and a reverence for Scandinavian design heritage. We’re proud to bring a limited selection of her iconic, sustainable accent pillows and throw blankets directly to the Burrow community.

“I kind of, early on, developed a very tactile sensibility. So it's almost like I see with my hands.”

Sustainable materials are at the core of Johanna Howard's process

The husband and wife team has weaved sustainability into their textiles from day one. The alpaca wool they use is similar to a cashmere – but instead of overpopulated herds of goats trampling the native vegetation in Mongolia, alpacas have toes instead of hooves and behave "more like a lawnmower," revitalizing the ecosystem.

Scandinavian design isn’t all about blank spaces and minimalism

In fact, the Swedes take comfort and warmth quite seriously. "I think one of the incorrect associations people have with Scandinavian design is that everything is white." Her designs reflect a broader appreciation for color found in anyone who lives that close to the Arctic Circle, but the colors are "just paler, a little more influenced by nature."