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Union Upholstery Swatches

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Union Upholstery Swatches

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About this swatch set

If you’re going to design a couch tailor-made for movie marathons, it has to be soft and comfortable, but it also has to stand up to greasy butter-popcorn fingers and potential wine spills. That’s why we selected a unique polyester chenille: the polyester gives it stain-resistant, easy-cleaning properties, while the chenille weave makes it luxuriously soft to the touch. Union is available in Ivory, Crushed Gravel, Heather Charcoal, and Navy Blue.

Union Collection


Union Collection

Our biggest, deepest, and plushest modular design.


And a few things you can always expect from us

Durable, premium materials

Each piece is built to last with solid hardwood and stain-resistant fabric.

Simple, intuitive assembly

Our designs are optimized to set up and move easily.

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