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Shelves & Storage

Opera Media Console (70")


Wood finishOak
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Details & Dimensions


Overall Width70“

Overall Depth17“

Overall Height20“

Interior Shelf Height8“

Interior Depth15“

Ideal TV Size Pairing 55" to 75" TV

About this piece

Opera is a modern media console designed for home theater enthusiasts and those who would like them to keep their enthusiasm out of sight. The slatted accordion doors are acoustically transparent, so you can keep them closed while enjoying pure, unmuffled audio from your soundbar, perched conveniently on the full-width shelf. The long, low profile is perfectly proportionate to today’s big TVs, while the contemporary design keeps your living room looking clean.

Made for the big screen

Opera is proportionally designed to look great with the bigger TVs that are more common today. It’s ideal for screens 55” to 75".

Key Features

Max airflow

Keep devices cool with slatted front doors and open rear bays.

Cord organization

Cables go where they need, thanks to organizing channels.

Soundbar shelf

A full-width shelf was designed to fit the widest soundbars.

Acoustic transparency

No muffled sound, even with the doors closed, thanks to the wood slats.

The world’s first high-definition media console

We designed Opera with the same reverence we hold for our hi-fi and vinyl, our PLEX collections, and our 4K 120 FPS consoles. That is to say, we designed it for performance. Take the slatted doors, for example. They look nice, right? Well, they’re also wide enough to allow sound to pass through unimpeded, and together with the easy-access bays on the back, ensure maximum airflow for today’s powerful game consoles.

Mid-century form, modern function

Whether you’re storing vintage games or the latest technology, Opera keeps your living room looking clean with a sophisticated mid-century aesthetic achieved with slatted wood doors, carved handles, and a wide, low profile (which happens to be perfectly suited to big screen TVs). All that’s to say you can finally style your space with décor, not devices.

Generous storage

In addition to the soundbar, Opera also fits today’s larger game consoles with room to spare.

Accordion doors

Unlike hinges, these sliding doors give full access to the cabinet, making it easy to fit larger devices.

Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).