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Accent Chairs

Pica Chair

CAD $784

ColorJade Velvet
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Details & Dimensions

General Dimensions29" L x 30" W x 27" H

Weight capacity225 lbs

About this piece

Pica is an ideal companion chair that warmly embraces the Burrow ethos: supremely comfortable, veritably stylish, and of course, incredibly easy to set up. The rounded silhouette and plush materials invite lengthy sessions of curling up and zoning out, while the petite footprint allows it to find a home in any nook or corner. The perfect balance of comfort and form, Pica makes a cozy compliment to a sofa, beside the bed, or paired up in front of a fireplace.

Key features

Easy setup

Assemble in just a few steps with no additional tools required.

Fast & Affordable Shipping

We’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster.

Premium upholstery

Choose between plush, soft bouclé or performance velvet.

Comfortable pitch

Purposefully designed for ultimate curl-up comfort.

Petite in nature, big on comfort

Pica’s rounded silhouette isn’t just for show: its curves are designed to envelop you into the perfect position for lounging, whether that’s with legs stretched out, tucked under you, or sprawling over the arm. And while the compact footprint makes Pica the ideal small space accent piece, it’s the carefully considered curvature that makes it the ideal place to cozy up and chill out.

Just because it’s soft, doesn’t mean it’s not tough

Sinking into Pica isn’t a problem, even if you have a full glass in hand. Our performance velvet is a durable showstopper that resists stains as well as everyday wear and tear. For a look that’s slightly more hygge than high drama, our bouclé fabric is made from durable polyester, so it’s still easy to clean. Both are luxurious, soft to the touch, and dare we say, feel better than a warm hug.

Assembly made to make you feel lazy

Lazing away in a chair that feels as good as it looks might be the most gratifying thing about Pica. Or maybe it's the process of putting it together — because it is so uncomplicated. All you need to do is unpack the box, attach the arms with a satisfyingly good thunk, twist three easy screws, and you’re done — no additional tools needed.

Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).

Durability, plus a warranty

Our durable furniture is designed to stand up to everyday life, but our product warranty offers additional peace of mind so if something happens, we can help you out.

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