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Totem Bench

CAD $916

Wood finishWalnut
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About this piece

The Totem Bench balances minimal form with maximum functionality. It has a seat that lifts up, supported by two slow motion hinges, to reveal a generous storage compartment. The bench is truly one of the most dynamic pieces we’ve made: as appropriate at the foot of the bed to hold off-season linens as it is standing in as a coffee table in front of the couch. For such a low-key, minimalist design, it’s an utter workhorse of a piece — scroll down and we’ll tell you more.

From foyer to window seat, it just fits

Benches are incredibly versatile pieces of furniture. The Totem Bench, even more so: you can put it in a mudroom under wall hooks, or set it in front of a couch as a stand-in coffee table. However you use it, it just fits.

Minimal design to minimize clutter

The quiet minimalism of the Totem Collection disguises hardworking, heavy-duty functionality beneath a calm veneer. Much more than a place to sit and tie your shoes, the Totem Bench has a generous interior storage compartment that can hide away blankets, kids’ toys, reusable shopping bags, and anything else you need out of sight. The slow motion hinges echo the quiet design with a literal silence — even the most rowdy families can’t slam this lid shut (and, a bonus, no tears over pinched fingers).

An homage to Japanese carpentry and Scandinavian minimalism

In creating the Totem Collection, the Burrow product studio waded further into a quieter, more contemporary design language. The bench lacks any ornamentation, relying entirely on form to make a statement. And while our piece is precision-milled in a state-of-the-art factory, the simple support structure is influenced by classic Japanese woodworking techniques.

Part of the Totem Collection

These designs are playing with the idea of quiet on multiple levels: from the literally silent hinges, to the calm, understated exterior that hides the clutter of life within. Each made from the same finishes and materials, together they’re the perfect complement to your contemporary living space.

Delivered quickly, assembled in minutes

The Totem Collection features all of the hallmarks you expect from Burrow. A simple, user-friendly assembly process that makes setup and moving easy. And a world-class customer support team standing by, ready to lend a helping hand.

Durability, plus a warranty

Our durable furniture is designed to stand up to everyday life, but our product warranty offers additional peace of mind so if something happens, we can help you out.

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