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Furniture for your favorite member of the family

Our designs are rooted in your lifestyle — and we know firsthand how important pets are to our lifestyles. That’s why we created our Nomad Collection with a game-changing synthetic fabric that resists scratches and stains, and can be cleaned with a simple solution of distilled water and bleach (yes, bleach, for real).


The secret to our scratch- and stain-resistant fabric

Ultra tight weave

Claws can’t snag an individual thread and cause tears

Non-porous fiber

The synthetic fiber won't absorb any spills or accidents

Deep dyeing process

The material itself is colored, rather than coated in dye

Zero chemical treatment

Our fiber is non-toxic and doesn't have any chemical additives

Other couches simply aren’t cut from the same cloth

We aren’t just making this stuff up. We actually made a custom, 3D-printed claw to simulate thousands and thousands of scratches on one area of fabric to test it before using it for the Nomad Collection — and we apply that same rigorous testing to all of our products.


Get free swatches and run your own scratch test

We’ll gladly send you free fabric swatches to test out at home, from trying out spills on your own to testing how much shedding fur sticks out.


We even make pet-friendly rugs

Our collection of fashionable and functional rugs include a few perfect options for pet parents, each made from durable, recycled materials that are easy to clean.


Anything we didn’t cover?

Get in touch with our world-class customer support team with any questions or curiosities.