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How Burrow's Modularity Will Change Your Life

How Burrow's Modularity Will Change Your Life

Modular furniture is designed to give you the ability to create different configurations by adding or removing pieces. These pieces are called modules, and it’s how the Burrow sofa is able to become smaller or larger and grow with you. You simply add or remove seat modules to find the perfect fit for your space and life. Genius, right?


The average American moves roughly 12 times in their lifetime (the technical number from the U.S Census was 11.7, but we don’t know what .7 of a move is.) One of the hardest things to move is your couch. You either have to part with it, tossing it to the curb along with the money you spent on it- or you have to spend a fortune to move it out of your space and into your next. Neither option is ideal.

Burrow designed a modular couch that is also high quality, so you can pack it up and carry it with you—without causing it to fall apart. Burrow assembles in 10 minutes and disassembles even faster. It breaks down into light, moveable parts that fold up and move super easily.

Another factor to consider when evaluating the importance of modular furniture is space size. Awkward corners and strange configurations mean each living room is going to accommodate your furniture differently. Because you can add modules to Burrow couches, making them larger or smaller as your space grows or changes, you never have to chuck a piece of furniture you've grown to love.

Whether you’re moving from a tiny studio to a two story home in the burbs, or a big apartment to a smaller space in your dream area, your Burrow can move and grow with your space and needs.

Smart Design

Burrow made a couch that is comfortable, sturdy, durable, sustainable, and long-lasting. Often, the pitfall of modular furniture is that it is mass produced, which often means cheaply and carelessly. Not the case with Burrow.

If you order a 3-seater sofa, Burrow doesn’t make three seats and adjust them to fit together. That’s very time consuming, and thus expensive, making the sofa more expensive. Instead, Burrow makes thousands of what are known as A-Seats and B-Seats. B-Seats are the core seat (an arm chair is made with a B-Seat and a set of arm rests). A-Seats attach to the B-Seat to create 2, 3, 4...10-seaters.

Each of the seats is hand-made, quite possibly in different production batches, but Burrow ensures that they will all fit together with innovative design practices.

Burrow worked with an award-winning luxury furniture designer to create a wooden frame design that could be cut with a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router to ensure the size of every frame is incredibly precise. Burrow then spent hundreds of hours in the factory with the furniture makers to develop an assembly system that would reduce variance from frame-to-frame. And finally, Burrow worked with high-end engineering firms to create an assembly system that attaches to the outside of the hand-made wooden frame to create a snug, secure fit between any Burrow seats.

This system, comprised of a series of industrial grade injection molded plastics and stainless-steel latches, catches, alignment pins, and levers, needed to be inexpensive (to avoid driving up the cost of the couch), durable (to withstand Burrow’s ridiculously high standards for durability), and above all, easy to assemble! Burrow created an assembly process that takes only minutes to complete, and requires zero tools.

Fun fact: Burrow also has a patent pending on their innovative design, and they won the 2017 Innovation Design Award from the University of Pennsylvania for their efforts.

Easy Shipping

Making a couch modular means that it can ship in boxes. Burrow made this even better by making sure the boxes can fit into the UPS/Fedex standard shipping size requirements. This means you’ll receive your sofa in 3 or 4 lightweight boxes in your regular mail, straight to your doorstep. No big, bulky couch delivery where you have to hire movers or recruit friends to help you get the thing through the door.

Shipping in standard boxes means Burrow is able to ship your sofa for less. You get a luxury sofa at a much lower cost and free shipping! It's a beautiful thing.