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Pilot Standing Desk

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Pilot Standing Desk

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General Dimensions27” L x 43” W x 28.5” H

Height Range28.5”– 48” H

MaterialsSolid Ash (hardwood), Ash Veneer, Engineered wood, Powder-coated steel

Drawer Interior18.5" W x 2.75" H x 12" D

Cord Compartment Interior11" W x 3.5" H x 6" D

Power Cable9 feet, Black

About this piece

We’d like to go on the record that working from home doesn’t mean bringing the office to your bedroom. It’s your home, after all, and if you find yourself trying to talk with your cats about their weekend plans out of sheer habit, something is wrong. Which is why we designed Pilot: an opinionated place to get your work done that balances residential design with professional functionality. The adjustable height desk can shift from seated work to standing up, perfect for resisting the post-lunch slump, and the hidden monitor mount allows you to keep cords & mechanicals concealed. And unlike most other standing desks, it actually has a drawer. Use it for what you will.

Key Features

Adjustable height

Sit or stand anywhere between 28.5" and 48" high

Cord organization

Twin hatches hide cables & accommodate a power strip

Interior storage

Drawer can fit a laptop, keyboard, and mouse

Monitor arm mount

Supports a clamp mount for up to two monitors

Free delivery

Every order, always shipped for free

Take your work to new heights

Whether you’ve read that sitting is the new smoking or you’re just fighting the post-lunch slump, adjustable-height standing desks are an in-demand perk at offices everywhere. But when our team started working from home, we noticed everything on the market looked like, well, office furniture. So we did something crazy, and added drawers, cord management, and a hidden monitor arm mount to a desk silhouette that looks at home in your home.

Programmable positions

Up to 3 height memory slots

Integrated monitor mount

Maintains streamlined edges

Made to ace the performance review

The desktop is the canvas for your work. And on the Pilot desk, your work is framed by a hardwood surface — none of this laminate nonsense. That commitment to quality shows up at every corner: the powder-coated steel legs meet professional-grade capacity standards, the drawers have slow-motion sliders to prevent slams, and the cord organization hatches are backed with felt to keep things quiet.

Consider your clutter conquered

The best work-life boundary is a physical one. That’s why Pilot has so much built-in storage, a rare feature in a standing desk. The twin cord organization comparments have plenty of room for a power strip and your other desk accessories. The drawer isn’t just there for looks, either: it’s spacious enough to fit a 17” laptop, or a keyboard and a mouse.

Optional power block

Fits neatly in storage compartments

Man moves Burrow package into his home

Delivered free, assembled in minutes

The Pilot Desk features all of the hallmarks you expect from Burrow. Free delivery on every single order. A simple, user-friendly assembly process that makes setup and moving easy. And a world-class customer support team standing by, ready to lend a helping hand.

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