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Shift Sleeper Sofa


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Details & Dimensions

General Dimensions84” L x 32.5” W x 33.5” H

Seat Height17.5”

Arm Height26”

Seat Depth21”

Leg Height2.6”

Key features

Quick conversion

Remove the back cushions and unfold the sleep surface in seconds.

Queen size

The seat folds out to a genuine queen-sized sleep surface. No special bedding required.

Pillows included

The arm cushion inserts double as standard pillows. Just slip them in a pillowcase.

Durable fabric

Stain-resistant and easy-cleaning fabric can handle whatever life throws at it.

Save space without sacrificing comfort

Shift may feature a genuine queen-sized sleep surface, but it folds up into a very compact sofa footprint — able to fit more places than most sleepers. We even save room in your closet, because the arm cushions double as standard bed pillows.

About this piece

It’s the sleeper sofa that works the day and night shift with equal grace. First things first: Shift makes for a stylish, supportive couch that can fit just about anywhere, because this is Burrow, and so of course it comes in easy-to-manage boxes that you can fit up steep stairs and through narrow doors. But it really shines when you have guests: the seat unfolds to make a genuine queen-sized sleep surface, and the arm cushion inserts can be removed and slipped into standard pillowcases, saving space in your linen closet. With Shift, you’ll truly be the host with the most.

Created for our harshest critics

We knew we wanted to add a true sleeper sofa to our catalog, but it was important to figure out what a Burrow sleeper sofa would be. The brief settled on an all-important test: design a sleeper sofa you’d be proud to have your parents sleep on. By fitting a true queen-sized sleep surface with hotel-quality comfort into a standard sofa footprint, we think we solved the puzzle — and so do our parents.

Genuine queen

Not a full. Not an RV queen. An honest to goodness queen-size sleep surface that fits normal bedding.

Pillows included

No need to take up space in the linen closet: the arm cushion inserts double as standard pillows.

The best of a bed, in the shape of a sofa

Shift packs a genuine queen-sized sleep surface into the footprint of a sofa, but it’s not just the size that counts. We took the lessons we learned developing our cooling, supportive Lyric Mattresses and applied that to the sleeper. When it’s unfolded, you or your guests rest on layers of cooling memory foam, therapeutic comfort foam, and supportive core foam.

Shift can sleep anywhere

It wouldn’t be Burrow if we didn’t figure out how to pack the entire thing into easy-to-handle boxes and turn assembly into a breeze. See, most sleeper sofas are heavy and bulky, hard to fit into those smaller spaces in your home where you’re most likely to want to put an extra bed in a pinch. Shift solves that problem, and is easy to move into attics, lofts, home offices, basements, or anywhere else.

Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).