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Index Collection

Index Coffee Table


Wood finishWalnut
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Details & Dimensions

General Dimensions44" W x 15.5" H x 20" D

MaterialsAsh veneered plywood (table top and shelf) and solid ash wood (leg assemblies)​

Distance between shelves9.7"

Distance between legs28"

About this piece

We extended the simple, straightforward carpentry of our best-selling Index Collection into this handsome coffee table. The strong lines reflect a Shaker influence, and help the Index Coffee Table stand apart from more European Mid-Century designs. It has a generous lower shelf, perfect for keeping large-format coffee table books on display but out of the way, or for more useful storage of blankets or baskets.

Key Features


Assemble your table in seconds without any additional tools.

Fast & Affordable Shipping

Delivered directly to your door in compact, easy to handle boxes.

Top level style, bottom shelf utility

Keep the tabletop clear for coffee or tea or a truly stupendous spread of take-out noodles — the Index Coffee Table has a generous bottom shelf for subtle display storage. You know, for the stuff that’s not necessarily embarrassing, but that doesn’t always need to be front and center, like that well-worn copy of Chutes and Ladders.

Heirloom style, modern construction

Guests will be forgiven for wondering if you made this coffee table by hand, judging by the honest, elementary form. But appearances can be deceiving: though it looks like a few simple boards screwed together, the Index Coffee Table takes advantage of state-of-the-art milling and durable engineered wood for the shelves, so you get classic design that’ll last like an heirloom.

The easiest table to set up

Slide the sturdy boards into the precision-milled grooves in the frame, securely attach them with our proprietary knurled screws, and tighten everything with the included ratchet screwdriver — and voilà, your table is set up and ready to go.

Fast, affordable shipping

Unlike made-to-order furniture brands, we’re able to keep inventory on hand thanks to our modular design, which means your order gets to your door way faster (and in a normal shipping box, not expensive special freight).