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Discover Your Home Horoscope

Discover Your Home Horoscope

There are more than a few amateur astrologists here at Burrow HQ. And we couldn’t help but wonder, how does each zodiac sign align with our different furniture collections? So, we consulted our in-house astrology department to decipher our constellation of furniture — and deliver your homebound horoscope. Oh, and us? We’re a Taurus. Reliability, patience, beauty with a hint of luxury — it’s everything you could ask for in a furniture brand, if you ask us.

Sharing a name with the Greek god of war, it checks out that this sign is characterized by courage, confidence, and a proclivity toward impulsive behavior. We think a brick red sofa fits their passionate personality, and our bold and best-selling Prairie Modern rug to go with it.

Grounded, relaxed, often exhibiting a green thumb and an appreciation for beauty — a Taurus is a true homebody. We think they’d love an expansive Range Sectional, or our new Totem Credenza.

Expressive, quick-witted, but defined by a split personality. Their ability to shapeshift is mirrored by our Kettle Side Tables, which can flip over to shake up the vibe at any time.

The ultimate creature of comfort, the Cancer in your life craves everything cozy and soft. They’re a nurturing, empathetic person, just as happy to care for another as they are to curl up on their own — but they’re also extremely transparent with their emotions. We think a fluffy faux fur pillow is perfect for cuddling, and a glass tabletop represents their inherent openness.

Always the center of attention, passionate, cheerful, and the life of the party, nothing fits a Leo quite like our Dram Bar Cart. And speaking of going bold and being in the middle of everything, an iconic Nomad Sofa in jade velvet fits the bill, wouldn’t you say? Place a Serif Coffee Table in front, with a wide expanse for snacks to share.

We love a Virgo here at Burrow. Meticulous, detail-oriented, obsessed with organization — they make things easier for everyone around them, even if they suffer a few eye rolls in the process. They’re the perfect candidate for our Index Shelves, a modular system of wall shelves that use a grid system to proportionally expand as you add to them.

It can be a challenge to recommend stuff for the home to a Libra, because they’re such treehuggers. (And to be clear, we wholeheartedly endorse hugging trees, rolling in the grass, and all manners of loving Mother Nature.) But, they’re also inherently social and cooperative, so balanced, symmetrical designs like our Signal Table or the Hydra Floor Lamp.

We wouldn’t suggest that you shouldn’t trust a Scorpio, but they’re certainly prone to keeping secrets. So our Carta Collection — in particular, the coffee and side tables with their tray tabletops — is perfect for contraband of all sorts. And since they’re a water sign, we think the Night Swim rug is the ideal complement.

The comedian of the group, with an open mind and a sense of adventure — a Nomad, perhaps? Start with the sofa, so easy to move, and bring in a versatile ottoman. Maybe even a Sleep Kit, so your guests can get some quality shuteye?

Defined by practicality and responsibility, a Capricorn is definitely someone you want on your team. And when it comes to outfitting their home, you can count on the fact that their choices in furniture will be functional and purposeful. We think the Carta Collection is especially right for them: the coffee table features interior storage and multipurpose trays, and the credenza offers plenty of room to keep their devices hidden (and dual cord escapes keep things organized).

Independent, eccentric, and a sucker for a cause, the Aquarius is a difficult target to shop for. They’ll probably like our clean, no-nonsense Index shelves, especially because they’re made out of solid, sustainably-forested hardwood. And for seating, a deep, navy blue Range with oak legs mirrors their progressive, future-forward perspective.

Known for their gentle hearts and tendency to get caught up in a daydream, we think the Ridge Rug and a Nomad Double Chaise in velvet is the perfect encapsulation of a Pisces’ fantasy world.